• Chulucanas

    80% PERU

    Chulucanas is small community of men and women farmers in the northern Piura Region of Peru. Climbing the hills together, we fell in love with their delicate and naturally sweet cacao beans.good chocolate. Ranger seeks to educate their customers about their chocolate while making a quality product we are passionate about and proud of.

    Tasting notes: woodsy, tobacco, black walnut, raspberry
  • Tumbus

    73% PERU

    Tumbes is a northwest region on the coast of Peru. After days of driving through the hills and tasting 30 varieties of cacao, Tumbes became a clear favorite for its chocolatey goodness.

    Tasting notes: tobacco, leather, coffee, honey, cherry, raisin
  • San Martìn

    70% PERU

    San Martìn is a region in the upper part of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. While working with this bean, we enjoyed pairing it with hearty red wines and our favorite IPAs.

    Tasting notes: earthy, cacao, strawberry, apricot, wine, chili pepper
  • Nord

    75% HAITI

    Nord is a well balanced bar made from beans grown in Northern Haiti. Ranger is honored to be one of the first makers in the United States to produce chocolate from their first harvest.

    Tasting notes: butterscotch, cream and a hint of apple
  • Salitral

    72% PERU

    Originally showcased as Batch 2 in our Wildcard series, 72% Cacao from Salitral, a northern region of Peru close to Ecuador, this Criollo cacao bean was lightly roasted to help retain it’s innate fruitiness. The finished bar is so fruit forward, one of our tasters described it as “juicy."

    Tasting notes: stone fruit and honeysuckle with a bold strawberry finish
  • Piura

    70% PERU

    Grown in the Alto Piura Valley, these beans are considered some of Peru's most exquisite with a high level of white Criollo cacao. This rare variety produces a balanced chocolate with a smooth texture.

    Tasting notes: cocoa foward with truffle and a black cherry finish
  • 100

    100% PERU

    Fans have demanded a sugar free bar, 100% bar. Made with cacao from the Tumbes region of Peru, this bar is bold and smooth with a pleasant finish.

    Tasting notes: tamarind, toasted sesame
  • Ben Tre

    75% VIETNAM

    Eighty kilometers south of Saigon lies the river town of Ben Tre, mostly known for its many coconut groves. In the last twenty years, cacao has been re-introduced to this region of Vietnam which grows the Trinitario variety of cacao, and like wines, coffee and teas, the soil plays a large role in the final taste of this bean.

    Tasting notes: dried fig, nutmeg, molasses
  • Wildcard

    The Wildcard bar allows us to experiment with new beans, roasting profiles and technique. Each batch is unique. Look for the batch number on the back of each bar and read more about its origin and profile.
  • Nibs and Granola

    We slightly roast our organic cacao nibs (the raw product used to make our chocolate) with honey and spices to product this addictive power-food snack. Inspired by George's Aunt Ellen and spiked by (Ranger Girl) Rhonda, Ranger Granola is a great treat any time of the day. It's packed with organic oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cacao nibs, honey, maple syrup and olive oil.
  • Syrups

    Flecked with vanilla pod seeds, Ranger 111 Vanilla Bean Syrup is a blend of our favorite vanilla beans from around the world. Enjoy our syrup with steamed milk, soda water, coffee or as a mixer in your favorite beverage. Ranger also produces small batches of chocolate syrup that is available for sale to coffee shops that are wholesale purchasers of our chocolate bars.
  • Ranger Infused Treats

    Cup & Bar produces a number of beverages and treats that are infused with Ranger chocolate and specialty syrups. Stop by and enjoy a Ranger Mocha, drinking chocolate, a latte made with Ranger Vanilla, or a Ranger chocolate chip cookie. Cup & Bar also stocks a large number of Ranger products including each variety of chocolate as well as bottles of vanilla syrup and packages of granola.


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